Denver, Colorado Sexual Assault Law Firm

Accusations of sex crimes can be terrible things to face, but the compassionate and aggressive Denver criminal defense attorneys can help. To get back to your life after criminal charges like sex assault, you need a Colorado defense lawyer who understands the ins and outs of Colorado sex crime laws and can mount an effective defense.

Colorado Sexual Assault Laws

In Colorado, sexual assault is defined under the Colorado Revised Statute 18-3-402 as the accused knowingly inflicting sexual intrusion on an alleged victim under certain circumstances, including:

  • Using force or coercion, including drugs
  • The alleged victim is unable to give consent
  • The alleged victim is under 15 years old and the accused is at least four years older, even if sexual conduct was consensual between the two parties
  • The accused uses their authority over the victim to compel them
  • The alleged assault happened as part of some kind of medical service

The Colorado laws surrounding sexual assault are complex, but the right Denver criminal defense attorneys can help. Our experienced and compassionate Colorado sex crime defense lawyers can explain in detail the sex assault charges that you face and help you build an effective defense against those charges.

Misdemeanor or Felony Offense?

Under Colorado’s sex crime laws, there are different levels of sex assault charges, from misdemeanor to a Class 3 Felony. These various levels of criminal charges come with different required legal penalties like jail time or parole, and they also require different types of defense strategies. The experienced Denver sex assault defense lawyers can tailor their defense strategy to any circumstances.

Misdemeanor Sexual Assault

Misdemeanor sex assault charges can arise in cases where the alleged victim and the accused are at least four years apart in age and the victim is fifteen or younger, even if the sexual activity between them was consensual. This means that an eighteen year old boy could be charged with misdemeanor assault for engaging in sexual activity with his fourteen year old girlfriend, even if it was consensual.

Felony Sexual Assault

Sex assault in Colorado can become a felony offense if certain circumstances apply, such as using physical force or weapons, giving the alleged victim drugs and using threats of violence or retaliation. As a Class 3 Felony, sex assault can result in up to twelve years in prison with five years of parole, anywhere from $3,000 to $750,000 in fines. Felony sex crimes can also result in registry with Colorado’s sex offender list.

No matter what kind of sex assault charges you are facing, you should contact one of the Denver sex assault defense attorneys as soon as you are made aware of the charges against you. Our compassionate criminal defense lawyers can help you from the initial police investigation all the way through your court date.