Lifetime Supervision

Lifetime supervision is a court-ordered lifetime probation for persons convicted of serious sex offenses. The offender becomes subject to certain conditions set by the court. Lifetime supervision begins when the offender is sentenced or after the offender is discharged from probation, parole, prison. If an offender on lifetime supervision violates any condition of his supervision, he may be taken into and remain in custody while an investigation is conducted to determine if he actually committed a violation.

Colorado has the strictest sex offender laws in the country. If you are charged with a sex crime, you will need a Colorado criminal defense attorney with experience handling these types of cases. Your attorney can explain the law and advise you of your rights under those laws, as well as your options for a defense.

Colorado’s Lifetime Supervision Act

In 1998, Colorado passed the Lifetime Supervision Act, under which a sex offender can receive treatment and supervision for the rest of his life. The act requires a minimum prison or probationary term and a maximum sentence of life in prison. A convicted sex offender can be sentenced to life in prison or remain under supervision of the Colorado State Parole Board for the rest of his life after serving a minimum sentence.

Depending on the offense, an offender may receive an indeterminate sentenced where he is sentenced for a minimum term, after which he will be required to go before the parole board. The parole board decides whether to release the offender under lifetime supervision or set a new minimum term.

Sex Offenses That May Receive Indeterminate and/or Lifetime Supervision Sentencing

Certain offenses mandate lifetime supervision and/or indeterminate sentence. These offenses include:

  • Sexual assault or first degree sexual assault
  • Second degree sexual assault
  • Third degree sexual assault or felony unlawful sexual assault
  • Sexual assault on a child
  • Sexual assault on a child by a person in position of trust
  • Enticement of a child
  • Incest or aggravated incest
  • Class 4 felony offense of Internet luring of a child
  • Aggravated sexual assault on a Client by Psychotherapist
  • Patronizing a child prostitute
  • Internet sexual exploitation of a child
  • Soliciting a child for prostitution
  • Procuring a child for sexual exploitation
  • Child trafficking
  • Sexual exploitation of a child
  • Inducing child prostitution
  • Pandering a child
  • Procuring a child
  • Pimping a child
  • Keeping a place of child prostitution

Being convicted of sex crime in Colorado can have lifelong consequences. You need a seasoned Colorado criminal defense attorney with a proven track record with cases of this sensitive nature to prepare a solid defense for you. He can also prepare you for the legal battle ahead of you and let you know what to expect at every phase of the process.