Sexual Abuse of a Child

There are few criminal charges more traumatic than sexual abuse of a child. While most people are understandably concerned about protecting children from abuse, false accusations of child abuse can happen. Criminal charges of sexual abuse can create many social and legal problems for the accused. At the law offices of Philip Smith, we understand that criminal charges for sex crimes can arise out of family conflicts like divorce, and we will fight to find justice for all members of the family.

If you’ve been accused of sexual abuse in the Denver area, you need to contact a Colorado criminal defense attorney as soon as you hear about the charges against you. With the help of an experienced Denver sex abuse defense lawyer, you can get through your criminal case with dignity and avoid further trauma.

Colorado Laws Regarding Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse of a child is a blanket term that refers to many different criminal charges. Under Colorado Revised Statute 19-1-103, sexual abuse of a child may include other charges, including:

  • sexual assault on a child
  • sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust
  • sexual exploitation of a child
  • child pornography
  • child prostitution

These other criminal charges for sex offenses involving children are very serious, and many are felonies. For example, sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust is a Class 3 Felony and can result in up to twelve years in prison. Crimes involving sexual conduct, children and the Internet can also come under federal jurisdiction and be subject to mandatory federal sentences. Most sex crimes involving children will also result in mandatory listing with Colorado’s sex offender registry.

If you are facing these major legal repercussions, you need an aggressive Colorado sex crime defense lawyer who will fight for your rights in the court room. The criminal defense attorneys are experienced in cases such as child sex abuse, sexual assault, child pornography and internet sex crimes.

Colorado Sexual Abuse Defense

A criminal defense attorney can begin helping you immediately. In cases involving children, law enforcement can be aggressive in their investigations. Individuals accused of crimes should always have a defense lawyer present during police interrogation. Your Denver sex abuse defense attorney can advise you on the best way to respond to law enforcement and gather evidence for your defense during the investigation.

The Colorado defense attorneys have experience in cases of sex crimes involving children, and they have many resources for building an effective defense strategy. Our attorneys can call expert witnesses to help explain the circumstances of your case. Our vast experience with Colorado’s sex crime laws allow us to work with judges and other law enforcement officials to bring about a positive outcome in your sex abuse case.